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Herbs of Breastfeeding Support

Herbs of Gold: Background

Herbs of Gold is said to be “dedicated to your health”. But just what is Herbs of Gold? We’re glad you asked.

Founded in 1989, Herbs of Gold is a company in the health food industry. Specifically, they deal in herbal and other nutritional supplements. Since the beginning, Herbs of Gold has apparently been on the right track.

Both health food retailers and general consumers have reportedly grown to know and to trust the Herbs of Gold company for its reliability and overall integrity. According to the official company website their product line has worked to garner a trust of both their innovation and quality as well. Of course, herbal medicine itself is certainly nothing new.

In fact, herbal medicine is actually the oldest known type of medication. The medicinal use of herbs has a long history. Sources indicate herbal medicine dates back to at least China in the year 2800 BC.

The majority of the herbs that are still used today for various purposes actually have significantly long histories of traditional, medicinal use. As a matter of fact, all the different herbs that are found in Herbs of Gold’s various products actually come from traditional Ayurvedic (Indian), Chinese and European cultures. The staff at Herbs of Gold Breastfeeding Support believe that by using these traditionally-utilized herbs along with the most recent data on nutrients and herbs, they are developing and producing efficacious and high quality health supplements.

They also believe their product line is unique in nature due to the secret blend of herbs, minerals, nutrients and vitamins. It also demonstrates their “holistic approach” in developing their many products. For decades now the company has been improving and expanding their product line of nutritional and herbal supplements in order to provide their clients with only high quality merchandise.

Herbs of Gold


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